poxy_report (poxy_report) wrote in to_glorify_god,

Hi, I'm new here

Hi, my name's Gavin, I'm 19 and currently living in Brisbane, Australia.

I grew up in a Christian family (we're Uniting Church members), and am looking for friendship (and possibly more) with a Christian girl who lives in the Brisbane area.

I enjoy reading (SciFi and Fantasy mostly), watching British comedy, going to the theater, acting and... um... other things as well.

Currently, I am studying Drama and Education at QUT, with the aim of becoming a High School drama teacher and eventually a High School Chaplain.

Feel free to add me to your friends list, I'll probably add you right back.
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Hi Gavin,

Here's a short and sweet hint: log off the internet, get outside, join a sports team or club of some sort where there's girls involved, give them an opportunity to get to know you.

Forget about finding "the one" as girls smell desperate from miles away and are repulsed. Just be yourself, live life to the full as Jesus would want you to, He will bring you to the right woman at the right time.